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What is hydrogen rich water?

Why Hydrogen Water > What is hydrogen rich water?

Free Radicals

Free Radicals are generated in our bodies when we breathe and digest food and when mitochondria create energy. They often flow into our bodies through pollution, smoking, food additives, ultraviolet rays, viruses, bacteria, or stress. Free radicals are represented in chemical molecules including unstable oxygen. There are many types of free radicals, and toxic free radicals are illustrated in the image. Free radicals in our bodies have strong oxidizing capabilities, attacking and damaging cells in our organs to cause and accelerate various diseases and aging.

How Free Radicals occur and cause Diseases

How Free Radicals occur and cause Diseases

Antioxidants prevent Oxidation

It is well known that oxidation includes apples turning brown, flowers withering, and metal becoming rusty. Chemically, oxidation also includes cells aging and getting damaged, leading to various diseases and aging as cells combine with oxygen in free radicals and lose electrons. In contrast, antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cells through chemical combination with free radicals, which can prevent diseases and aging. Vitamin C in blue and purple fruits such as grapes and blueberries is known as a great anti-oxidant.

Antioxidants prevent Oxidation

Hydrogen Rich Water, Best Antioxidants

Human bodies remove toxic free radicals by secreting an enzyme called SOD. However, the amount SOD drops dramatically when a person reaches 20 years old, increasing one’s chances of catching diseases and accelerating the speed of aging. Fortunately, Hydrogen rich water is known as the best anti-oxidant, and is hundreds of times more effective than anti-oxidants like Vitamin C. Drinking hydrogen rich water can prevent a range of diseases and aging. 

How Hydrogen eliminates Free Radicals(FRs)

  • Free Radicals

    Free Radicals

    • FRs appear every
      second, everywhere
    • When we breathe
      (2% per Oxygen)
    • When a mitochondria
      produces energy
    • When a stomach

  • Injure DNA, Cell

    Injure DNA, Cell

    • FRs sterilize bacteria
      and virus
    • Surplus FRs damage
      cell, mitochondria
      and DNA by
      snatching elecctron
    • Causes various
      diseases and aging

  • Insufficient Scavenger


    • SOD (Super Oxide
      Dismutase) and some
      enzyme decompose
      somewhat FRs
    • Anti-oxidizing power
      decreases as getting

  • Hydrogen


    • FRs assume
      Hydrogen as an
      intruder and
      approach with strong
      oxidizing power
    • Molecular hydrogen
      with reduction
      power greets

  • Antioxidant


    • Hydrogen in water
      eliminates FRs, by
      chemically combining
      with Oxygen in FRs.
      (O3 + H2 → O2 +